Wahyudi Akbar




Specialty : Leadership Coaching, 
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• Certified Meta - NLP Practitioner, 2008
• Certified Meta  Masters Practitioner, 2008
• Identity Compass Consultant, 2009
• Associated Certified Meta-Coach, Sydney, 2009
• Certified Trainer of Neuro-Semantics -NLP , Hong Kong, 2010
• Dynamic Coaching, 2011
• Basic Principle of Life Expanding – NLP Attitude, 2012

Personal Leadership Coach who has started a professional coach since 2010. His experience in the field of retail business operations and human resources management over the years challenged his curiosity to know more about quality of human resource development via transformational coaching.

Currently, he has facilitated the development of human in various institutions as well as private business that puts the quality of human resources in achieving successes.


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