Fatimah Shigemi Isa




Specialty   : Executive Coaching, Career & Life Coaching 
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Facebook   : www.facebook.com/fatima.shigemi 
Twitter  : www.twitter.com/isa_shigemi


Fatimah Shigemi Isa has been spending her life in various parts of the world including Japan, Indonesia, Singapore, the United States, and Middle East. Her unique cultural background, plus her extensive working experience in the global organizations has helped her develop the ability to work effectively with clients from diverse background.

Using her expertise in designing a comprehensive leadership development program, Fatimah has been delivering a highly valued executive coaching to many leaders around the world.

Today, Fatimah’s client portfolio has been expanded significantly. During the past four years, she has delivered a number of individual as well as group coaching programs to teachers, parents, health care workers, and many other professionals in education.

Fatimah’s passion in exploring the mind-body-emotion system has led her to focus on the health psychology during her graduate study. Fatimah is also a registered Neuro Semantics Trainer, MBTI Analyst, and CBT Group Therapist, and Identity Compass Consultant

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